AN historic water fountain in the centre of Ludlow could soon be providing refreshment to people and animals.

Ludlow Civic Society has started a fund to bring back into use the fountain that stands next to the cannon in front of Ludlow Castle.

It is in a very poor condition but Tony Mahalski who is leading the project on behalf of the Civic Society believes that it could be restored and working again by the end of the year.

But it will not be a cheap job and whilst tenders are still being evaluated it will cost a five figure sum (more than £10,000).

The fountain was donated to the town in 1908 by George Woodhouse who was a Mayor of Ludlow and prominent businessmen who activities included being a druggist, seeds man, registered dentist as well as registrar of births, marriages and deaths.

He also found the time to service as Mayor between 1907 and 1911.

When the restoration is completed the fountain will be able to provide drinking water for people passing by and for their animals with floor level dog bowls.

Repairing the fountain will be specialist work and finding someone to do the job is one of the challenges.

Any contributions to assist funding the renovation can be sent to Richard Mangnall Treasurer of Ludlow Civic Society 36 Broad Street Ludlow.

Caption: Tony Mahalaski and his dog Charlie at the fountain