VISITORS are being turned off Ludlow by rubbish being dumped on land near the railway station - making the site an eyesore.

That’s the concern of community leaders in the town as Ludlow approaches its busiest time of the year with the Ludlow Arts Festival just weeks away, and Ludlow Festival following in September.

Vivienne Parry, who represents Ludlow on Shropshire Council and is also a member of Ludlow Town Council, says it is damaging livelihoods and fuelling the problem of rats “When people come to Ludlow by train the first thing they see is all the rubbish and litter and we all know that first impressions last the longest,” she said.

“This is very damaging to a town that is so dependent upon tourism and hurts shops and other businesses at a time when it is hard enough to make a living.

“It also adds to the growing problem of rats which are causing a major problem now that the baiting of drains and sewers has been cut back to save money.

“People like the In Bloom group and others do so much good work to make Ludlow look good but all of this is being undermined.

“We dare not take the In Bloom judges near the station.”

Cllr Parry is one of the three Ludlow members on Shropshire Council who want something to be done to stop the site becoming an eyesore dumping ground.

Andy Boddington, Tracey Huffer and Vivienne Parry say they have received numerous complaints about it and have taken up the issue with Network Rail which is looking at the problem.

Tracey Huffer, who represents Ludlow East on Shropshire Council, believes the litter is damaging the reputation of the town.

“We are proud of our town and want it to look its best for tourists and residents alike,” she said.