A FARMER from Tenbury and with strong links to Ludlow College has been appointed to a top ceremonial role.

Michael Hogan, aged 70, first came to the public eye 50 years ago when he ran the 400 metre hurdles at the Tokyo Olympics.

Now he farms just outside Tenbury and is chairman of the Foundation of Ludlow College.

Now he has been appointed High Sheriff of Worcestershire for 2014/15.

The appointment, known as the Declaration, was made in the presence of the Honourable Mr Justice Gray at Worcester Shire Hall.

It is a role which dates back to Saxon times and is an honorary post but continues to perform some of the historic duties, such as ensuring the wellbeing and protection of Her Majesty’s High Court judges when on circuit in the county and being in attendance to royal visitors.

High Sheriffs are encouraged to support those working in the voluntary sector, especially those involved in the maintenance of law and order.

Michael Hogan says he is looking forward to his year in office and, in particular, to working with re-offenders in the prison system and helping them to integrate back into the community.