LUDLOW Town Council is in ‘meltdown’ according to outgoing mayor Tony Pound who has called for it to be dissolved.

And he dropped a bombshell on the beleagured council by saying he’s quitting his seat, following his failure to win another term as mayor, and warning the authority faces a financial crisis.

His resignation along with his daughter Mandy Phillips, from the two Clee View seats, leaves the town council with just seven members none of them elected.

At a heated annual meeting Mr Pound was defeated by five votes to four for the role as mayor for the coming year.

The authority now faces having to try to co-opt eight new members.

The 73-year-old says he’s decided the time has come to speak out.

Mr Pound says an ongoing and acrimonious dispute with its former town clerk could ultimately cost the authority dearly – in cash and public perception.

The former mayor said the council has lost its credibility.

“There is only one way to go and this will involve the town council getting into deeper trouble,” he added.

“I think it should be dissolved and the unitary authority take over its powers while things are sorted out.

“It is a sad day for Ludlow and we are going to lose the pride and dignity of the town.”

He added that it had not been his intention to stand again as he had believed that Graeme Perks would be a candidate.

“When Graeme decided he was not standing I reluctantly decided to put my name forward.”

He said his year in office had been tough and over shadowed by the dispute with the former town clerk but that there had been high spots.

“The highlight for me was to become mayor of the town that I love and where I was born and bred.

“I was able to get into the pulpit in St Laurence Church and read a psalm.”

Mr Pound said he would always remember meeting Prince Charles on his visit to the town and lists the achievements as the progress with the new Ludlow Boxing Club.

“It will be a great facility for the community and something to be proud of for the future.”