PUBLIC servants should join a Shropshire volunteer “snow corps” to clear pavements if they can’t get to work.

That's the view of election candidate Andy Boddington who says he is fed up with slipping on ice because Ludlow's pavements are not cleared.

“Why do pedestrians have to struggle across ice bound pavements?” said Mr Boddington who is contesting Ludlow North for the Liberal Democrats at the May election. "Other counties get their pavements clear but it seems Shropshire’s councils are only interested in clearing the roads.

“We get this problem in Ludlow whenever it snows.

A few town centre pavements are cleared. But key pedestrian routes around the town remain snow and ice bound, and the paths on side streets remain almost impassable.

“I slipped in January, cracking three ribs. That’s a minor injury for a fit man, but every year other people suffer serious injuries.”

He believes the solution is a combination of organisation and community spirit.

“Councils like Telford and Wrekin have teams of volunteer snow wardens clearing the streets,” he added.

“Why don’t we get this going in Shropshire in time for next winter?

“I already clear and salt a length of Chestnut Grove where I live.

“I’d be happy to join a county snow warden scheme.”

But he wants to see public sector workers taking a lead. “A lot of public sector officials and teachers can’t get to work in the snow,”

said Mr Boddington.

“Why not put some of that time to good effect?

“We should urge those that are fit to join the scheme.

They should help keep our streets safe for the residents of Shropshire.”

This weekend the Ludlow and Tenbury areas saw yet more snow despite the official start of spring.