A LUCKY Ludlow couple have scooped a multi-million pound lottery jackpot.
Robin and wife Christine Kiddie, who works as a health care assistant at Ludlow Hospital, won £6,299,421 in Saturday’s lotto draw as part of a syndicate.
Robin bought four lines from Tesco in Kidderminster as it was his payday the day before.
The numbers were a combination of birthdays along with some he used years ago when playing the pools with his mum.
On his way to bed on Sunday night, Robin glanced at his phone to check the Lottery numbers and recognised that some may be the same as his own.
“I thought I may have had up to four numbers on one line, but as it was late, I went to bed and decided to check in the morning.”
Robin went to work as usual at Kingfisher Industrial in Cradley Heath, where he is commercial and export sales manager.
“I arrived at work after eight and decided to go online and check the lottery numbers to see whether we had won and how much it might be.
“As soon as the numbers came on the screen, I realised we had all six on one line.
“I couldn’t believe it and thought it was a mistake.
“I checked and checked and in disbelief, I asked one of my colleagues to come and check for me.
“I can remember I was shaking and couldn’t take it in.”
Robin decided to text his children the message ‘I’ve got some good news, we’ve won £6.2m on the lottery’, only to discover no one believed him and they thought it was a joke.
Robin and Christine intend to share the win with their four grown up children and five grandchildren.
Robin is planning to retire soon but Christine is not sure yet.
“I have a Mercedes as my company car and as I’m now retired I may get one of my own. I have a photo of one on my desk that I would like to buy,” said Robin.
The couple said they were delighted at the security the win would bring to their family.
“You always like to look after your children. It gives you a nice warm feeling knowing they have got this lump sum behind them,” said Robin, who play Crib for the Talbot in Cleobury Mortimer.
The couple may also consider moving and want to go on holiday to Rome, where they once took Robin’s mum.