PEOPLE from Ludlow and the surrounding area turned up in cars and vans to support a cardboard collection in Ludlow.

Four tonnes of cardboard from Ludlow and the surrounding area were taken for recycling.

The cardboard raised money for charity and sent a strong message to Shropshire Council that recycling of kerbside separated cardboard needs to be reinstated, according to Alan Stewart of Ludlow Pride of Place.

At South Shropshire Furniture Scheme (SSFS), the Ludlow Cardboard Christmas point there were eight volunteers in high-visibility jackets, taking cardboard from more than 40 cars, black taxis, vans plus a number of pedestrians.

In some cases it had been a community effort with neighbours bundling their waste cardboard together.

The money that was raised was distributed between the Severn Hospice, Hope House and Friendly Neighbours charities.

“We had the commitment and professional organisation of Ludlow Pride of Place, the facilities and knowledgeable staff of South Shropshire Furniture Scheme, Cae Post’s enthusiasm and compaction equipment and the wonderful nature of the people of Ludlow,” said Alan Stewart.

He was pleased with the result and added that lesson would be learned from a similar exercise in Shrewsbury where 13 tonnes were collected.