Penny Lancaster says she thinks about being left alone when her husband Sir Rod Stewart passes away.

The model said that when she is her husband’s age, her children will have left home, and she will be without a partner.

Lancaster, 48, said she must plan for a future without her now 74-year-old singer husband.

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There is a 26-year age gap between Penny Lancaster and Sir Rod Stewart (Ian West/PA)

Speaking on Loose Women, Lancaster said: “Rod’s in his 70s, early 70s, and we have a huge family base at home.

“My life is based on the family, Rod, the children, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I do on occasions think, when I’m Rod’s age, I won’t have my husband and the children will be grown up and gone, and I kind of feel that I need to prepare.”

Lancaster said that she would take inspiration from family members over 70, who enjoy a rich social life in their old age.

She hopes that by cultivating friendships and hobbies she will avoid loneliness in later life.