On Saturday, December 9, John Kirkpatrick, the King of the Squeezebox will be performing his solo Christmas show, Caroling and Crumpets, as part of the Music in New Radnor series. Taking its title from John’s unforgettable song, telling the Nativity story from the point of view of the animals in the stable, this show is a heart-warming look at the timeless rituals found in the folklore and folk music of England at Midwinter. John peels away the commercial gloss of modern Christmas to reveal the powerful pagan urges that race through us all at this time of year, and the life and death struggle that is symbolised in so many traditional songs and customs.

The mysterious and murky goings-on in these magical songs of wassailing, wren-hunting, stirring the fire, and incessant feasting, all come dressed up in a glittering finery of toe-tapping tunes and cracking choruses. Add to the mixture a light-hearted smattering of hilarious original songs, a sprinkling of carols both familiar and unfamiliar, all stirred up with John’s usual panache and energy, and supported by his scintillating skill on a variety of squeeze-boxes, and you have an unbeatable recipe for having a rattling good sing, guaranteed to keep the spirits cheery and the cold at bay.

Caroling and Crumpets will be in the Community Hall in New Radnor on Saturday, December 9 at 7.30pm. Tickets available in advance by calling 01544 350268, or on the door.