COUNCILLOR Louis Stephen claims less than one in three residents who expressed an opinion are willing to support Worcester City's stadium plans at Perdiswell.

The Green Party leader revealed figures of 39 for and 90 against from people “who mention the football club” on the doorsteps of homes near to the site proposed for Worcester City’s homecoming.

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Cllr Stephen’s statistics came as part of reaffirming his stance that Perdiswell is not the right site for City to build a 4,400-capacity stadium, suggesting the club should consider a “smaller scheme” elsewhere despite accepting there is wider support in Worcester for the project.

Campaigners and local Labour party representatives have hit out at the stance and while the initial public consultation in 2016 attracted more than 1,000 letters of support from the 1,600 canvassed, Cllr Stephen said he had been swayed by the "strength of feeling" from objectors.

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“We would like to see the football club come back to Worcester but what we also have to do is represent the local residents,” he said.

“We have had quite a number conversations with people from the club and they are quite adamant that there is local public support (for Perdiswell).

“That is possibly true if you look at a larger geographical area but if you look to the people who live on Bilford Road, Woodland Road and Drovers Way, areas near to the (proposed) football club, they are worried and against having a football club there.

“We are asked how we know this and it is from people on the doorstep. People tell us this without us asking.

“We generally knock on doors all year round. It sounds a bit of a cliché but we don’t just do that at election time and we ask what issues are most important to them.

“Without prompting this is what they tell us. We have kept a record for a number of years and people who mention the football club are concerned and don’t support it.

“Not everyone is going to express an interest either way but of the people who have, we had 39 supportive of the football club and 90 against.

“We are very concerned with trying to represent residents. I am not a councillor for that area but have spoken to people myself and know the strength of feeling there.”