MAY I advise all those who are vehemently opposed to the proposed Tesco development, never to attend any future meetings of the Tenbury Town Council. In spite of the fact that members once voted overwhelmingly against the scheme, they now treat the whole development as a fait accompli – a done deal. It’s a case of: “Welcome Tesco, and all who sail in her.”

For members of the public sitting silently watching it is frustrating beyond endurance, as details of the store’s layout, parking facilities and safety issues are endlessly discussed, together with a decision on whether the old infirmary building should be demolished as Tesco have requested.

Any views expressed by members of the public (who have booked their precious five minutes’ speech beforehand) are totally ignored and never once referred to throughout the evening’s proceedings.

It has to be seen to be believed and I challenge each member of the committee to write to the Advertiser and explain to the people they’re supposed to represent, (1) how local traders will compete with such a store, and (2) how our wonky Teme Bridge will cope with hundreds of extra vehicles – attempting to cross from both directions, seven days a week, from morning ‘til night.