I AM one of many supporting the application for a Tesco Store to be built on the former Cattle Market because I believe it is the only realistic prospect for the near future to improve the eyesore of the former cattle market. I also believe it will bring more shoppers into the town. The damage caused to small towns by supermarkets was because they were built out of town.

The evidence is increasingly showing a supermarket built in the town centre benefits the town. Morton-in-Marsh, a small market town, similar in size to Tenbury, has three supermarkets in the town centre with no noticeable closure of small shops. They have a large Budgens, a Tesco Express and a Co-op.

The greatest threat to small businesses comes from television and internet sales. All the signs are that that type of trading will increase, Amazon is building a massive warehouse in Staffordshire, and delivery companies are also growing. Change is something we have to live with, at one time there were three blacksmiths in Stoke Bliss, now there are none.