Ann and Melvin Wood of Belmont Street, Southport, Merseyside, tell of horror at Tesco decision

8:00am Monday 23rd April 2012

WE have been visiting Tenbury Wells and the surrounding area for the past 30 years at least once a year and, in recent years, for two or three holidays per year.

Alec Wall of Oak Bridge Court, Tenbury Wells, says let’s get on with the future of our town

8:00am Friday 6th April 2012

MALVERN Hills planners are to be congratulated for the work they carried out resulting in the passing of the application by Tesco for a new store in Tenbury. It is clear the people of Tenbury will benefit from a store that has been designed especially for the Town.

John Driver of Borastond Drive, Burford, Tenbury, says it's time to look to brighter future

8:00am Sunday 25th March 2012

WHATEVER one may feel about the Tesco decision, which I assume is irreversible, it is now time to move on. For me the question becomes: how can we best turn the presence of Tesco to our advantage?

Norman Wanstall of Boraston Drive, Burford, asks do public really have proper say?

8:00am Saturday 24th March 2012

WELL I must admit I was frequently warned by the Tenbury aficionados that the Tesco proposal was a done deal and the meeting on March 7, certainly proved them right.

Choosing sides in the Tesco debate: Politicians make their tricky choice

Ludlow Advertiser: How the new Tesco could look.

9:18am Friday 23rd March 2012

SPARE a thought for the politicians for whom the Tesco controversy must have been a nightmare.

C R Lewis of Teme Street, Tenbury, questions the performance and actions of coun Grove re Tesco in Tenbury

8:00am Friday 23rd March 2012

I, LIKE the majority who attended the planning meeting at Tenbury High School do not want Tesco’s in Tenbury, and I do not agree with Tenbury Town Council, but I concede that its case was presented in a coherent and ordered manner. Councillor Penn who likewise spoke in support also did so with confidence.

Coun George Price of Market Square, Tenbury, says we have right to opposing views re Tesco planning application

8:00am Sunday 18th March 2012

I WRITE in response to Mr Wanstall’s letter (Advertiser, February 23) regarding the Tesco planning application.

Is Tenbury a town divided after Tesco decision?

4:59pm Friday 16th March 2012

CONCERNS about the divide left in Tenbury by the Tesco supermarket controversy united both supporters and opponents at the planning meeting that approved the scheme.

R L Hughes of Bickley, Tenbury Wells, says Tesco won’t bring life to high street

8:00am Friday 9th March 2012

MG LLOYD'S case for a Tesco store in Tenbury in the February 23, issue of the Tenbury Wells Advertiser is based upon a fundamental delusion: namely, that it will bring new business into the rest of Tenbury's High Street.

Tesco gets the green light for Tenbury supermarket plan

Ludlow Advertiser: How the new Tesco could look.

9:44am Thursday 8th March 2012

TESCO have been given approval to build a supermarket on the former cattle market site in the centre of Tenbury.

Tesco's Tenbury plan D-Day looms for council planners

Ludlow Advertiser: Tesco is waiting for a decision on its third plan for a store in Tenbury.

8:00am Thursday 1st March 2012

THE controversial plan for a Tesco superstore in Tenbury will be determined by planners next week.

Norman Wanstall asks how can Tenbury accommodate a Tesco store?

3:25pm Friday 24th February 2012

CONCERNING the Tesco planning application, I can well understand why the Advertiser’s editor challenged Dawn Worgan’s statement that “The town council has not at any time recommended this planning application for refusal.” Those of us who sat in on the council meeting in the Autumn know only too well that the decision was taken to reject the proposal, and when I wrote in the Advertiser about the council’s astonishing U-turn a couple of weeks later, Dawn made no attempt to justify it. One can only assume from her letter that when the proposal was rejected a recommendation was not made to the district council, whereas when the proposal was approved the district council was informed. Perhaps Dawn would like to explain the reason for this.

G Lloyd wants to see Tesco come to Tenbury

3:20pm Friday 24th February 2012

IWOULD like to echo the comments made by B F Reece in February 9 edition of the Advertiser.

We need a Tesco supermarket says B F Reece

1:20pm Thursday 16th February 2012

I AM aware that I am a very small fish in a large pond, but I am confident I speak for a very high proportion of people in this area when I say Tenbury Wells desperately needs a supermarket of size and substance to come to the town.

Tenbury Town Council clerk Dawn Worgan wishes to make a point about our Tesco coverage

11:05am Wednesday 1st February 2012

ON behalf of Tenbury Town Council, I wish to clarify some of the statements made in your lead story (Advertiser, January 12).

We're not being heard on Tesco plan

2:09pm Wednesday 25th January 2012

MAY I advise all those who are vehemently opposed to the proposed Tesco development, never to attend any future meetings of the Tenbury Town Council. In spite of the fact that members once voted overwhelmingly against the scheme, they now treat the whole development as a fait accompli – a done deal. It’s a case of: “Welcome Tesco, and all who sail in her.”

Tenbury Futures tell us why Tesco is a bad idea

Ludlow Advertiser: Tenbury Futures group.

5:18pm Friday 20th January 2012

IN March planners at Malvern Hills District Council will determine an application by retail giant Tesco for the third time.

Alec Wall feels Tesco could bring more to Tenbury

7:00am Thursday 19th January 2012

I AM one of many supporting the application for a Tesco Store to be built on the former Cattle Market because I believe it is the only realistic prospect for the near future to improve the eyesore of the former cattle market. I also believe it will bring more shoppers into the town. The damage caused to small towns by supermarkets was because they were built out of town.

Town councillors fail to reach decision on Tesco in Tenbury

Ludlow Advertiser: Tesco in fresh talks with Tenbury planners

7:00am Wednesday 18th January 2012

TOWN councillors in Tenbury have failed to make up their minds on the latest planning application by Tesco.

R L Hughes wants the supporters of Tesco to help find more appropriate use for Tenbury's Old Cattle Market site

7:00am Thursday 5th January 2012

ADRIAN Kibbler, in his article Reasons to be Cheerful – Advertiser December 15 – says that once the Tesco decision has been taken "one way or the will be time to let wounds heal and for the town to pull together ".

Leading councillor for planning pledges early resolution to Tenbury Tesco row

7:00am Wednesday 14th December 2011

THE leading councillor for planning in Tenbury has pledged to ensure that the Tesco scheme row is resolved one way or the other at the earliest opportunity.

Crucial meeting to discuss Tesco moving to Tenbury postponed again

Ludlow Advertiser: Tesco in fresh talks with Tenbury planners

7:00am Thursday 10th November 2011

A ROW that has split Tenbury will carry on into the New Year.

Key planning meeting to discuss Tenbury Tesco put back

Ludlow Advertiser: Tesco in fresh talks with Tenbury planners

7:00am Monday 24th October 2011

PLANNING chiefs are calling for more information about the application from Tesco to build a supermarket on the former cattle market site in the town.

Heather Muncaster begs to differ with Mr Ryall from Llandrindod Wells

7:00am Sunday 23rd October 2011

WHAT gives Mr Ryall from Llandrindod Wells (Advertiser letters, October 6) the right to tell us what type of shops we need in Tenbury?

Norman Wanstall suggests public will be confused by council vote on Tesco

7:00am Friday 21st October 2011

THOSE members of the public who attended the recent Tenbury Wells Town Council meeting where the Tesco development was being discussed will have come away feeling totally confused.

Robert Willetts feels Tesco debate has gone on too long

7:00am Monday 17th October 2011

I THINK this Tesco debate is going on too long.

Dramatic new twist as Tenbury Town Council backs Tesco bid

7:00am Friday 14th October 2011

IN a dramatic new twist Tenbury Town Council is backing Tesco in its plans to build a supermarket in the town.

Norman Wanstall questions bridge can accommodate traffic generated by proposed Tesco in Tenbury

7:00am Thursday 13th October 2011

I NOTE from Anthony Penn's letter concerning the proposed Tesco development (Advertiser, September 15) that the planning committee has to rely on the county highway authority for advice on the possibility of traffic congestion.

J Ryall feels Tenbury Tesco is one too many

7:00am Thursday 6th October 2011

FROM a distance, it's difficult to see why Tenbury Wells needs a Tesco. The town and area has got bigger but to save time and energy, it's more relevant to have a railway station, eg reinstatement of the old Wooferton site as Tenbury Parkway with a dedicated bus link to the Tenbury area.

Alec Wall feels decision about Tesco is for the people of Tenbury to make

7:00am Monday 26th September 2011

Tesco will develop this eyesore site Norman Wanstall writing from his home in Burford (Advertiser letters, September 1), can have no influence concerning the decision to allow Tesco's to build a store on the former cattle market.

Date set for crunch planning meeting over Tenbury Tesco

Ludlow Advertiser: Tesco in fresh talks with Tenbury planners

7:00am Friday 23rd September 2011

FIREWORKS are certain when the Tesco planning application is considered at a special meeting in the town.

Messrs Fox, Hendry and MacDonald call for an onest debate

7:00am Thursday 22nd September 2011

Let’s get an honest picture of debate IN the current Tesco debate, it matters nought as to whether one is for or against. The principle of honesty in the decision process is paramount.

Anthony Penn aims to clarify current situation in Tenbury over Tesco planning application

7:00am Wednesday 21st September 2011

I REFER to Norman Wanstall’s letter in the Tenbury Advertiser dated September 1 voicing his concerns with regard to traffic congestion if planning permission is granted for a supermarket on the old auction yard site.

Gary Mumford says that as a trader in Tenbury he has nothing to fear from Tesco

7:00am Monday 19th September 2011

As a trader I have nothing to fear IAM a specialist shopkeeper in Tenbury Wells, one of the many apparently whose opinions were not canvassed about the Tesco application and its impact on local retail business.

No to Tenbury Tesco vote as fears grow over bridge closure

11:56am Thursday 15th September 2011

A PROPOSED referendum in Tenbury about the Tesco planning application has been dropped.

Traffic worries over timing of Tenbury Tesco

11:46am Thursday 15th September 2011

A MAJOR construction project to build a new supermarket in the heart of Tenbury looks set to coincide with the closure of the main road link into the town.

Richard Tatlow highlights implications of Tesco planning application assessment

7:00am Thursday 15th September 2011

FOLLOWING on from Norman Wanstall’s letter, your readers may be interested to note some of the implications of the Tesco planning application transport assessment.

H Roberts wants Tesco and a bridge for Tenbury Wells

8:00am Monday 15th August 2011

TESCO or a bridge? Why not both? I have great admiration for the intentions of the Plan B group but as M Lloyd notes using the site for small sales points however attractive is simply not economically viable. Similar ventures in various towns have struggled to find and keep tenants long before the current climate. Tesco is the only organisation at the moment with both means and interest in the site, and I suspect it is only a matter of time – and remember not all in the town are against them.

Mark Yarnold of Burford feels Tesco could be good for Tenbury

8:00am Thursday 11th August 2011

Tenbury should take a leaf from Ludlow's book. Last week’s BBC 2 programme The Town featured our near neighbours Ludlow and gave an excellent history of this ancient market town.

Tesco puts in third plan for Tenbury site

8:00am Wednesday 3rd August 2011

THE new planning application from Tesco to build a supermarket in Tenbury has been submitted.

M Lloyd of Rochford thinks Future's vision is just 'a daydream'

8:00am Thursday 28th July 2011

IWAS amused, or maybe dismayed, at the latest idea in the Advertiser – “Buy shares in site”, suggested by Tenbury Futures. Talk about clutching at straws. The latest population for Tenbury was recorded as being 2,300. The survey conducted by Tenbury Futures stated 300 people participated in their survey, so what about the voices of the other 2,000?

Buy shares in Tenbury cattle market site and stop Tesco

8:00am Thursday 14th July 2011

PEOPLE in Tenbury could get the chance to buy shares in the town’s former cattle market site as part of a bid to save it for community use.

R L Hughes asserts Tenbury supermarket plan is not 'inevitable'

8:30am Monday 27th June 2011

The people of Tenbury and district should be grateful to you for alerting them to Tesco's renewed threat to their town.


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