TENBURY Wells cage-fighter Tom Morris has won his first semi-pro Mixed Martial Arts fight.

The farmer’s son from Burford won a unanimous decision to the delight of the fans, who had travelled to support him in Worcester.

He had a battle on his hands to get down to a fighting weight of 83kgs.

But that particular struggle did not affect him once the fight got underway.

After the initial onslaught of punches, kicks and knees, Morris sprawled well to defend the take-down attempt and worked to turn his opponent on to his back.

He then patiently followed his training to work to a mounted position, sitting on his opponent’s chest and dominating the other fighter, who tried frantically to get Morris off to escape the blows and submission attempts.

Morris’ win was just one of three memorable achievements for the Border Roughnecks club.

Club organiser Simon Pearce was awarded his purple belt, instructor’s grade in Brazilian ju jitsu by Chico Mendes of Checkmat.

And Pearce was also given the accolade of being invited to referee at the Worcester show.

This meant a quick change for the Roughnecks man after celebrating Morris’ win as he was then called on to referee two home-team fights.

“Safety is always the first and most important aspect of any sport, so it was an honour to be trusted to look after the shows home fighters,” said Pearce.