HEREFORD FC goalkeeper Martin Horsell says he takes great pride in Max Harris' development at Edgar Street.

Harris, 17, made his senior league debut for the Bulls last Saturday against Barnstaple Town.

"I train with him every Thursday and he has played a few senior games now in cups and externally for Pegasus," said Horsell.

"I take pride in his career and he is doing so well at such a young age.

"I know he is playing for England Colleges and England School and he is learning all the time.

"He is only 17 and is playing men's football.

"The lads said he was fantastic on Saturday, especially in the first half, and made some good saves.

"He is disappointed with the second goal, but he will learn from it."

Horsell added that playing as many games as possible will only help Harris.

"It is fantastic for his development, especially playing senior football at such a young age," said Horsell.

"I think he's done superb and has got a bright future.

"And if he can keep getting these senior games, it will really help his game."

Horsell requires shoulder surgery in the summer, but has come back in the fold during the past few games and played in Hereford's 2-0 win at Evesham United on Monday.

"I have been frustrated this season, so its great to get another game under my belt and see how my shoulder is," said Horsell.

"I have torn a tendon in my shoulder, but it's frustrating because I'm still able to train and play.

"However, the shoulder is constantly deteriorating and the surgeons are telling me that the cells in the tendon won't repair themselves and, eventually if I don't get it sorted the shoulder will be a problem.

"So the idea is to maybe get the operation in the off-season."

Horsell says he understands why Alex Harris has been the first choice keeper this season.

"You look at the table and there's been lots of clean sheets so why would the gaffer change it if we're winning?" asked Horsell.

"Fair play to him, he's had a good season."

"Every lad in there genuinely does want to win.

"Fo rme, I don't think anyone is consciously putting their foot off the gas, it's one of those things.

"Maybe no one realises they're doing it, but no one is chucking in the towel.

"We've got lads giving 100% effort and we're hoping to finish strong.

"We're all fighting to keep the shirt if you're in the starting 11 or 16.

"The lads are looking forward to next season and hoping to secure their place."