EVESHAM United manager Paul Collicutt felt referee Tom Reeves had no option but to send off Hereford defender Ryan Green yesterday.

Green picked up his second yellow card in stoppage time for hand ball, resulting in a penalty being awarded.

However, Hereford goalkeeper Martin Horsell saved Adam Mann's spot kick.

"If you go to the rules, it's the right decision," said Collicutt.

"It looked harsh and unfortunately he had already picked up a booking.

"With him hand-balling it, the referee had no option but to send him off."

Hereford manager Pete Beadle felt it was a harsh decision.

"We have had plenty of penalties where players haven't been sent off or even booked," said Beadle.

"It looks like he's dipped his shoulder to block it, but we can't see it from where we are."

Even though Hereford dominated the game, Collicutt felt the decision to award the free-kick that led to Haysham's goal shortly before half-time was 'weak'.

"Unfortunately Hereford benefited from it," bemoaned Collicutt.

"The game was nick and tuck and Hereford ended up winning the game 2-0.

"Hereford have won the league because they're the best team.

"They have got some very experienced players and they work hard on their set plays.

"Overall though, it's been a good day for Hereford and a good day for Evesham.

"But our priority now is the play-offs."