Oswestry Villa 0 Clee Hill 1

HILL boss Wayne Whitbread felt his team missed out on a goal spree despite an excellent Mercian League Division One away win.

"We dominated the game from the first minute to the 90th and created chance after chance but just couldn't them away," said the frustrated manager.

"We must have had a least 12 one-on-ones but couldn't put the finishing touch."

Hill took the lead midway through the half when Liam Whitbread provided the cross for James Clifford to head in off the bar.

"After that, we hoped it would be a matter of how many we would score," said Wayne Whitbread.

"It's not good for the blood pressure on the touch-line because you know that just one mistake can bring a goal at the other end."

Hill's task was made slightly easier by a bizarre incident just 90 seconds into the second half.

"Oswestry's star striker was not able to get there until half-time so he came on as a substitute," said Whitbread.

"But he had only been on the field for 90 seconds when he said something to the referee and got himself sent off.

"After that, the game was even more one-sided in our favour and it's disappointing that we didn't score more.

"But a win is a win and it's three points to keep the momentum going."

Hill, who were due to be in action at local rivals Brown Clee last night (Wednesday), still have further Wednesday night matches as well as three more Saturday games to complete their long season.

"Wednesday nights are difficult and we've been struggling to get a team out with injuries, the cricket season starting and people starting to go away on holiday," said Whitbread.

"Next Wednesday, we play at Bishop's Castle but those of us who play cricket are also due to be playing in the first of the Twenty/20 matches at Ludlow.

"Then, the following Wednesday, we're due at Shrewsbury for a 7pm kick-off.

"That's very difficult because some of the players don't finish work till 5.30 or 6pm and then have to travel.

"But we'll be going out to get all the points we can so that we can finish as high in the table as possible."