DOUBLE Paralympic gold medallist Danielle Brown joined the Archers of Teme members for a shooting session at Moor Park School in Ludlow.

Dani, who is coached by Ludlow’s Kim Lucas, brought along the two compound-archery class gold medals which she won at Beijing in 2008 and at the 2012 London Paralympics.

Dani, who lives in Telford, is one of the UK’s top archery athletes and the club’s younger and older club members thoroughly enjoyed meeting and shooting alongside her.

Club spokesman David Gates said: “Our members enjoyed getting up close and personal to see Dani’s superb gold medals and her Dani’s visit showed what can be achieved by personal dedication and commitment.”

Kim’s wife, Kay Lucas, who is also a leading British archer, said that it was great to have her friend, Dani, inspiring archers from the Ludlow area.

“Kim and I suggested to Dani that she would benefit from doing some club shooting and it was lovely to see people excited and asking to see her medals,” said Kay.

“My husband is no longer part of the Great Britain set-up but he still coaches Dani and I and he’s an excellent coach – and we don’t want him to stop.”