JASON Mynett is on track to become a first-team regular at AFC Ludlow, says assistant-manager Mike Seaborne, writes LEWIS DEAKIN.

Mynett has scored one goal in nine appearances from the bench this season in the West Midlands League Division Two.

But former boss Seaborne has likened Mynett to former Liverpool great Alan Hansen and believes Mynett has what it takes to succeed in men’s football.

He said: “Jason is coming on well. I think he is a confidence player. He came off the bench and did well in our 13-1 win against Malvern Rangers. I am very pleased with him - Jason is getting used to West Midlands League football.”

The youngster has the right attitude to succeed in football, insists Seaborne, who expects the player to flourish over the next two years.

Seaborne said: “He has probably been on the bench for most of the season. He never moans or groans. Jason has a good attitude. Jason is a good squad player - he is learning all the time. If he cuts out the mistakes his learned from the lower leagues, then Jason will be a promising player in the next two years.”

Seaborne believes Mynett’s technical prowess makes him a valuable asset for AFC Ludlow.

He said: “Normally if players are on the bench for three or four weeks - you wouldn’t see or hear from them again. Jason has a fantastic attitude. He has stuck at it."

But Mynett must improve his physique over the summer to accelerate his development, insists Seaborne.

And Seaborne revealed he had asked Mynett to consider playing centre-half for AFC Ludlow.

The assistant manager thinks Mynett could be a footballing centre-back in the mould Liverpool legend Alan Hansen.

He said: “Jason isn’t quick; but he is good technically. He makes an important contribution in some matches - then he struggles in others. But that is his age - I understand that it is hard to come on a substitute.

He needs to improve his upper body strength. Some players in our league, can just push players off the ball. Jason needs to back himself up more - hopefully that will come; when he fills out.

"I said he should consider becoming a centre-back for us. Jason replied that I hadn’t seen him play at the back, I believe he could play like Alan Hansen who was a footballing centre-half but Jason didn’t fancy it.”