WRESTLER Jake Gittens says that he is going to wait until the time is right before he challenges for the British Championship, writes PAUL ROGERS.

Jake, from Tenbury, grapples under the name of Killian Jacobs and came out on top in a Money in the Bank ladder match in Hereford to earn a shot at Maddog Max’s title.

The match involved a number of high-flying moves and Jake said that he was happy to just come through it.

“The match style is so dangerous that so many things can go wrong and cause serious injury,” said Jake, who was very happy to come out of the match in one piece.

“A shot at the British title is on the cards for when I choose to challenge for it.

“This puts me in a great situation where I can prepare both physically and mentally and challenge for the biggest title on these shores for a time that suits me best.”

Jake, who has previously wrestled as the Rockstar Cupid Valentino and Jakob Castle, added that he is also looking to form a tag team with another wrestler.

“I have been speaking to another wrestler and a joint effort could happen to form a team that can challenge on the tag team scene,” said Jake.

Also on the Hereford bill was Doug Williams, one of the UK’s biggest wrestlers who has competed in Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) in the USA alongside the likes of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Sting.

“Doug was so professional and happy to be with us,” said Jake.

“He shared his knowledge of how things work in the states and passed hints and tips onto the younger talents trying to come through on the wrestling scene.”

Jake, a former Tenbury High School pupil, learned his moves at a wrestling school in Birmingham.

He is now training future grapplers at Hereford Lads Club every Sunday afternoon.

“I pass on my knowledge of wrestling for those aspiring to take their first steps in the ring,” said Jake.

“They have worked so hard to perform in front of their families, friends and hometown, so it will be very interesting to see what the future holds for them.”

For more information about the training sessions, call Ironfist Wrestling on 07540 696297.