ORLETON ace Scott Moran is setting his sights on competing at the inaugural FIA Hill Climb Masters in Luxembourg later this year.

The four-time British Hillclimb champion believes the major new European event in Eschdorf will bring the sport to the world’s attention.

The Masters will bring together the winners of national championships as well as the winners of the FIA Championship, Challenge and Cup.

“We have a chance to take part in the FIA World Masters this season – and that is very exciting for everyone who competes in Britain,” said Scott.

“It’s the first international event of its kind and I believe there is a wild card entry.”

The Hill Climb Masters will be contested in Luxembourg, on October 11 and 12.

Paul Gutjahr, president of the FIA Hill Climb commission said: “The essence of the Masters is to gather the best drivers and see them compete against one another.

“The event will bring together the very top from the discipline, including hopefully the British, who are rarely seen on the continent but who compete at home in a fiercely disputed championship.”

In addition to crowning the Champion of Champions, the Masters will include a Nations Cup, the classification of which will be based on a regularity index between the three best drivers of each national team.

Scott Moran has won the British Hill Climb Championship 2008, 2009 2011 and 2013 driving a Gould GR61X he shares with his father, 1997 British Champion Roger Moran.

He was runner-up in 2012 and became the most successful driver in British Hill Climb history last year, eclipsing the then all-time record of 104 wins by Martin Groves.

President of the organising club, Nico Scheier, said: “As well as an honour, this will be a great challenge, which we will take on with much enthusiasm for love of the sport and hill climb, which truly deserves greater visibility and recognition.”

The new British hill climb season kicks off at Prescott, near Tewkesbury, on April 27 and concludes at Loton Park, near Shrewsbury, on September 28.

Scott Moran added: “We are really keen to do the FIA Hill Climb Masters but, ultimately, it will depend on how well we do in the British Hill Climb Championship this season.”