AFC LUDLOW’S new captain Jack Beaumont says his dad was integral to his development as a footballer, writes LEWIS DEAKIN.

He revealed that his father’s support inspired him to improve and break into Ludlow Town’s reserves at just 17 years old.

The skipper also paid tribute to current first-team boss Dave Cooper for having faith in his abilities.

Beaumont said: “I would like to thank my dad as he has been there from the beginning; when I first started playing football as a kid right up until I broke into Ludlow Town’s reserves at 17.

“My dad was always trying to help me improve. He gave me advice at half-time and after every game that I played.”

After university, Beaumont started playing for Ludlow Colts following a three-year break from football.

Both Cooper and Beaumont developed a strong relationship, when the manager was just a player for the club.

When Cooper was appointed as AFC Ludlow manager last year - he immediately gave Beaumont his chance in the first-team.

Beaumont said: “Dave has also played a big part in my development, and he has shown a lot of faith in me over the last two seasons.

“When I came home from university after a three year break from football – I started playing for Ludlow Colts. But I didn’t break into the first-team, until the second-half of the season; when Dave was just a goalkeeper.

“The following season – he took charge of AFC Ludlow and threw me straight into the squad: for that decision I will always be grateful to him. He has always shown faith in me and has helped me out a lot.”

Boss Cooper insists Beaumont has deserved the armband.

Cooper said he knew Beaumont had talent from the moment he arrived back at AFC Ludlow.

He admits all Beaumont needed was a confidence boost.

Cooper said: “When I was looking to appoint someone to replace Jamie Marsh as captain. I was thinking of someone for the long-term. Someone who would give 110 per cent week in and week out – Jack is that man. He has earned the armband.

“I could see that Jack had talent from the moment I returned to the club. I just think he was lacking a bit of confidence. He wasn’t enjoying his football back then. Jack is now enjoying it, because he has got his reward. Everyone has spells in the game, where they are not enjoying their football. I’ve been there and I simple told Jack to hang on in there and that things would get better for him.”

Cooper insists that everyone is different as a club captain.

He said: “Everyone is different as a captain. Jack likes to have a quiet word with someone. I prefer not to beat around the bush. But as manager it is my job to say something, when I am not happy.”