CAGE-FIGHTER Tom Morris has secured an unanimous win over an experienced rival at a sell-out show in Worcester.

Morris, from Burford, defeated a submission wrestler in a hard-fought contest.

“We were told that Tom’s opponent had only a few years experience but I recognised him as a submission wrestler,” said coach Simon Pearce.

“I was relieved when I could see that the breathing of Tom’s opponent was laboured in round two.

“Tom steadily went to work following instructions to take control by sitting on his opponent’s chest and preventing any escape.”

Pearce added: “It was a credit to Tom’s opponent that he didn’t submit. He survived the onslaught until the end of the round to give Tom a unanimous win.”

Mixed Martial arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport involving striking and grappling techniques.

It features arts such as boxing, karate and Taekwondo as well as submissionbased disciplines like Ju Jitsu.

Mor ris trains with an MMA g roup called the Border Roughnecks.

He has also been training with the Trojan Free Fighters in Worcester and at Ludlow Judo Club.

Pearce runs the Border Roughnecks in Burford, Tenbury Wells.