Writing in his column for the Ludlow Advertiser, this is what Tenbury's mayor Mark Willis, said about the water contamination drama that his the town.

ON September 29, a problem occurred in the water mains supply to Tenbury and Burford. Though the supply was not disrupted Severn Trent had to declare the water undrinkable. A rare occurrence.

So what did they do?

They emailed their staff to ask for volunteers to help in the area to distribute bottled water. They turned out in droves from North and Mid Wales, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire to name just a few locations.

Saturday and Sunday saw our town clerk and councillors working alongside these volunteers. Severn Trent set up two sites for distribution of bottled water, Tenbury Hospital and Palmers Meadow.

There was a tremendous sense of community spirit.

By Monday the water supply was declared to be safe. On Monday evening I received an e mail from Liv Garfield, the chief executive of Severn Trent. I will share some of her comments.

“This type of local support is massively appreciated. The community rallied together brilliantly – the scout master making tea and coffees, the town clerk printing leaflets, the councillors helping us letter drop and some of the community bringing food – sandwiches, hot sausages and chocolates.

"Although we are truly sorry that people could not drink the water it has been lovely to see how everyone worked together in such a friendly way.”

To me this just proves what a great community we have and let’s not forget what we experienced over that weekend.

A sense of community spirit, coming together in a crisis and working together towards a positive outcome.

Tenbury and Burford, I salute you. You were tremendous.