SO, once again, I’m on about volunteering, something that becomes more and more vital in our community. This time it’s the Tenbury Tourism Partnership which run our tourism office in Teme Street.

How many local people have actually been inside? Do venture in, it will be quite a surprise!

Visitors to the area say it’s one of the nicest and most comprehensive they’ve ever experienced. It is quite an eye opener.

We all know that this is a lovely area but when you see what the area has to offer, it really makes you proud to live here.

Part of Malvern Hills District Council's five-year plan promotes tourism in the area. A recent initiative is to label the whole area the Malverns with Tenbury Wells and Upton on Severn being the Northern and Southern Gateways to the Malverns respectively.

This is good news for Tenbury which, along with Upton on Severn, has felt a little neglected when promotional literature has been produced in the past.

It’s only too obvious what good promotion can do when looking over the border and seeing how Ludlow has benefited from tourism.

Times have changed, and there are comprehensive walking and cycling guides for the district available both on line and in handy leaflet format.

These have been produced by MHDC in co-operation with Worcester University.

The Teme Valley is also being promoted as a special area to visit.

So, let’s be grateful for this small unpaid enthusiastic group.

It numbers 14 members, with 17 of them on the duty roster. Regular monthly meetings attract an attendance of ten together with a liaison officer from MHDC.

Do support them with a visit, you won’t be disappointed.