PROTESTORS dressed as badgers invaded an MP's advice surgery in Malvern to voice their opinion on the badger cull.

Members of Worcestershire Veggies and Vegans stood at the entry to MP Harriett Baldwin's advice surgery, held in the Lyttleton Rooms, to call out against the culling of badgers and and the MP's perceived support for the scheme using placards and signs on Friday, July 25.

Ronald Lee, Communications Officer for Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies, said: "This wasn't just a demonstration against her support for the slaughter of badgers.

"We also wanted to educate the public about the cruel and unscientific nature of the badger cull and to inform them of what they can do to try to stop it.

"There was a great deal of support from passers-by and many stopped to fill in postcards asking the government to end the cull."

The West Worcestershire MP said: " It's a free country.

"If there are protesters who want to make their point on the hottest day of the year by wearing furry badger costumes and shrieking 'badger killer' at the elderly and vulnerable constituents who come to seek my assistance at my public advice surgery, then they are perfectly within their rights to do so."

Mr Lee says the group are also calling out for people to change their dieting habits to reduce the number of animals killed.

He said: "450,000 cows are slaughtered ever year in this country by the dairy industry.

"In addition, 100,000 male calves are killed annually on dairy farms, shortly after birth, because they cannot be used for milk production.

"We are calling on the public to boycott dairy products as part of the campaign against the badger cull, but there is actually no need for people to eat animal products at all, with all the suffering and slaughter that involves, because it's easily possible to live healthily on a vegan diet."