A LUDLOW woman thinks people should spend a pound rather than a penny to use a public convenience in the town.

Jennifer Leyton-Purrier, who represents Gallows Bank on Ludlow Town Council, wants the existing public lavatories in Market Street and a Smithfield to be free.

But she would like to see a five star super loo in the town centre and is suggesting that one of the possible places is the Buttercross.

However, what she wants is no ordinary loo but somewhere special that would also provide basic health diagnostic testing.

“Ludlow is marketing itself as a quality tourist destination but our lavatories are fairly grim,” she said.

“I am suggesting something special that would have an attendant, perfumed flushes and hot towels.

“It would also have the facility for people to undertake basic urine tests for such things as excess sugar and protein as well as pregnancy testing.

“There would also be a blood pressure machine and scales so people can know their body mass index.

“I am not suggesting that people self diagnose but these very basic tests would help them to decide if they need to visit the doctor and could take some pressure off the health service.

“This could also go a small way to filling the gap if the GP surgeries are taken out of the town centre.

“The attendant would be more than just a cleaner but would also sell products such as perfumes and soaps as well as having basic health training to advise if tests show a need for a GP visit.”

Mrs Leyton-Purrier believes people would be prepared to pay a £1 to visit a luxury loo which she says could be a money spinner for LudlowTown Council.

Ludlow Town Council has ordered pay machines for its existing public lavatories from the United States and these will be installed later in the spring.

Councillors will have to decide what the charge will be and 20p is the favourite although Councillor Vivienne Parry has suggested 30p.

“I am against charging for a visit to a visit to a basic public convenience but there has to be one it should be 20p as this is a single coin. To charge 30p would be too much and also does not make sense because it would involve a minimum of two coins.