THE work to change car parking machines in Ludlow in time for the when the old round one pound coins went out of circulation was completed in time.

However, Ludlow was one of the last towns in Shropshire to be converted and the delay caused concern in the town with some people looking to park their cars having to scramble around for the correct coins to use.

Andy Boddington, who represents Ludlow North on Shropshire Council, made his concerns known that the town was so low down in the pecking order when it came to having the conversion made.

However, the next step will be to discover how much people will have to pay to park in Ludlow when new charges are introduced.

A consultation is now being considered by Shropshire Council that could see some charges increase and others fall that it is feared could damage businesses.

There are a number of controversial proposals that have concerned the Ludlow Town Council including the possibility of people being charged to park in the evening up until 8pm instead of 6pm as at present.