A CAMAPIGN to get a widespread 20mph speed limit in Ludlow is claiming extensive support for people in the town.

Door-to-door surveys in six ‘problem’ streets in Ludlow indicate a strong appetite for 20 mph speed limits in residential areas outside the Town Centre 20 mph zone, according to the Twenty is Plenty Campaign.

A high proportion of residents claimed to be 94 per cent favoured a 20 mph limit in their street with 80 per cent opting for a wide-area limit. The results of this survey have been presented to Ludlow Town Council for consideration.

Ludlow Town Council has discussed the issue in the past with divided opinions. There was some support for a 20mph limit in principal but concern that it would be difficult to enforce whilst supporters say that it will make the roads safer and improve the environment as well as reducing pollution in the town.

A public meeting has been arranged at Ludlow Methodist Church at 7.30pm on Thursday, November 23 to discuss the issue.