LUDLOW MP Philip Dunne wants people to have their say in a decision that may determine if he remains Member of Parliament for the constituency.

Mr Dunne is encouraging voters in south Shropshire to have their say in the Boundary Commission’s second public consultation on changes to Parliamentary constituencies.

Following a decision by Parliament to reduce the number of constituencies in the UK to 600 from 650 and to ensure that the number of electors in each constituency is equal, the Boundary Commission for England is consulting on proposals for where constituency boundaries should be.

Plans were first released in August 2016, and a public consultation allowed voters to comment on their initial proposals.

The Boundary Commission opened their second consultation asking for people's views on what others have said, until Monday, March 27.

“This second consultation represents the next step towards reducing the number of MPs, and ensuring that constituencies have roughly the same amount of electors.

“Though I would be sorry to see the current Ludlow Constituency changed from its current format, I supported these changes, so recognise it will impact local constituency boundaries.

“The proposals include some quite significant local changes, so I encourage residents to view the proposals and comments, and to offer their view to the Boundary Commission.”

As it stands the current current Boundary Commission proposals would combine most of the present constituency of The Wrekin with six Shropshire county wards presently in the Ludlow constituency, including the two wards east of the river.

The proposals currently seek to combine 11 wards in the Ludlow Constituency with 15 wards from North Herefordshire to form a new Ludlow and Leominster Constituency, which would be the largest constituency in the West Midlands across both Shropshire and Herefordshire.

It would also move Chirbury and Worthen ward, currently in the Ludlow Constituency, to become part of a renamed Shrewsbury Constituency.

Responses to the previous consultation can be seen and commented upon at