SEVERN Trent Water is working to restore the water supply in the Ludlow area  after a problem with a burst pipe going into a nearby reservoir.

Severn Trent manager, Simon Brown, said: “We first realised something was wrong early this morning, when the reservoir at Prospect Place started to empty. 

"We’re investigating why this has happened, but in the meantime our biggest priority is to get everyone’s taps running again.

“We have been working hard to re-route water supplies from another reservoir, which we’ve managed to do for a large number of our customers. 

"However, because of the way the pipes are structured in this area, we were unable to re-route the water supply for all of our customers. 

"So to make sure their water is back as soon as possible, we’re bringing in a number of tankers to re-fill the reservoir at Prospect Place. 

"It’s hard at the moment to know how long this will take, but we’re hoping that the water supply will be back up and running for everyone by the end of the afternoon.

“We’d like to say sorry to our customers who are without water, as we know how disruptive this can be. 

"Please rest assured we’re doing everything we can to both restore Ludlow’s supply and to fix the problem with the reservoir as soon as we possibly can.”

For any general issues with water or sewerage services, customers can call Severn Trent Water’s 24 hour customer operations service  centre on 0800 783 4444.