POLICE have moved to try to reassure people about their safety in Ludlow.

Inspector Rob Thomas told Ludlow Town Council that concerns about law and order should not be overstated causing people to be afraid to go out in the town.

The council asked to meet the police because of growing concerns about crime and anti-social behaviour.

In incidents last year windows were broken, rubbish bins set on fire and residents living in the centre of the town had late night revellers urinating through letter boxes.

But Inspector Thomas who has responsibility for the area said that Ludlow and south Shropshire should not be labelled as lawless and had relatively low crime.

The inspector said people often had a perception and fear of crime that was not supported in reality.

He admitted that there had been incidents of what he called ‘low level’ crime and anti-social behaviour but said that police were in control.

The inspector said that Ludlow had police cover 24 hours a day, seven days a week and that it had a police station that was open.

According to the police chief officers are active in the town including regularly visiting pubs and working with young people, the licensing authorities and other agencies.

However, he confirmed that there had been particular problems with two Ludlow pubs but declined to name them. Inspector Thomas added that where appropriate measures are taken against other premise,s including shops and supermarkets, where alcohol is sold.

But the newly appointed town councillor for Whitcliffe Timothy Gill was less impressed and said that he had not seen much of a police presence in the town.

He said that what the police might regard as low level crime had a real impact and was a concern for people living in the town.

Paul Kemp, a landlord, said that he knew that police officers did visit Ludlow pubs.

Another town Councillor Rose Jones cautioned against any over reaction and said that it was important not to confuse young people being noisy and boisterous with criminal behaviour.

Vivienne Parry, who sits on both Ludlow Town Council and Shropshire Council, has said that bad behaviour in the town is not just down to young people.