THIS handsome chap was found looking for his home in Tenbury.

He is a big neutered male that had the good fortune to be found in Little Hereford and taken to Teme Vets.

But he luck ran out when the vet found that although he was micro chipped, his owners had failed to fill in the paperwork that would have directed him home.

Now Teme Veterinary Practice has issued an appeal to help find his home - and a reminder to owners to make sure the paperwork is up-to-date.

Although there is no suggestion that this ‘moggy’ was thrown out the practice says an increasing number of animals are falling victim to the age of austerity.

“There is no doubt that more pets are losing their homes as people struggle,” said Zoe Smith of Teme Vets.

“We recently had a god that appeared to have been abandoned on Oldwood Common.

“Pet owners should have their animals micro-chipped but it is no good unless the documentation that enables them to be returned has been completed.”

There is an increase in the number of both dogs and cats that are being thrown out or abandoned.

Domesticated pets that find themselves in the wild face a grim future although there is a chance that a healthy cat will be able to fend for itself in the short term.

If anyone can help, they should contact Teme Vets on 01584 810227.