I WRITE in response to Mr Wanstall’s letter (Advertiser, February 23) regarding the Tesco planning application.

He refers to a letter from Dawn Worgan (clerk to Tenbury Town Council).

Firstly, I wish to correct his assumption that the statements and views expressed in that letter were those of Dawn Worgan.

They were the views and opinions of Tenbury Town Council.

All councillors were consulted following a story in the Advertiser regarding the Tesco application and it was agreed that for the sake of accuracy, we needed to clarify the council’s position.

The statements and views expressed in the letter subsequently published are the views and opinions of Tenbury councillors and not those of the town clerk.

Secondly, Mr Wanstall claims: “Those of us who sat in the council meeting in the autumn know only too well that the decision was taken to reject the proposal.”

I have attended every meeting of Tenbury Town Council since I was elected in May 2011 and I repeat what was said in the letter already referred to that Tenbury Town Council has never voted to recommend refusal of this planning application.

If Mr Wanstall still refuses to accept this, I challenge him to show me a copy of the minutes of the meeting at which he claims the decision was taken to reject the proposal.

In his letter Mr Wanstall goes on to refer to me as “at the very forefront of the pro-Tesco group”

a title I am happy to accept, although I am unaware that such a group exists, perhaps he could tell me where they hold their meetings.

In my opinion, and in the opinion of many town councillors, the majority of Tenbury residents are pro-Tesco and their voices have so far been mainly unheard.

He asks me to explain how local traders could cope with such a store. I would refer him to the town council survey of local businesses which shows that 71 per cent of businesses that responded supported a supermarket development – and I’m prepared to accept that they know their business prospects better than anyone else.

He also asks how our wonkey Teme Bridge will cope with hundreds of extra vehicles.

Perhaps it’s the hundreds of extra vehicles and their occupants that existing businesses are looking forward to welcoming to Tenbury.

I also don’t recall any major hold-ups during the many festivals, bank holidays and car boot sales, when there are always hundreds of extra vehicles visiting the town. Finally, I would like to say that while I respect Mr Wanstall’s views on this matter, I fundamentally disagree with the premise of his argument.

I can only hope that he will respect my right, and the right of others, to hold an opposing view.

COUN GEORGE PRICE, Market Square, Tenbury.