RECENTLY, during the course of my work, I had to make a delivery in Sandpits, Ludlow. It was a hot day and it was my last drop, so I was not in the best of moods.

However, as I made a three- point turn at the end of the avenue, I noticed the wonderful display of flowers on the former rough ground where the bus stop is and it made me smile.

Someone had created an oasis of beauty in a place that was once desolate. Continuing on my journey, I was approached by Bobby Jones who asked me to sign a card for a former deputy head teacher of Ludlow School who was approaching 100 years young. As I looked upon the hundreds of other signatures I again smiled.

I found out that the talented gardener was Andrew Orsborn.

I do not know why these two people do such things but they made me smile and a day without a smile is a day wasted.

In the months to come when councillors are considering giving awards for civil endeavours I hope they will consider Mr Jones and Mr Orsborn. One for his random act of kindness and the other for creating a visually stunning display where once there was only grass.


Weyman Road