IT will be apparent to your readers that there is a considerable degree of disquiet in Ludlow generated by the prospect of a planning application to build a new supermarket and petrol station on the A49.

At the same time the developers are quoted in the press claiming that the town is split 50-50 over the matter.

In discussion with the many local people present at that consultation, it was very hard to find any who were speaking in favour.

It is worth remembering that Ludlow is a town bucking the trend, so often reported in the press and on television, of the demise of the English market town. Why is this so? Because we have a lively town centre packed with a wide variety of small retailers selling food and other goods, many of which are locally sourced.

Coach companies organise numerous trips to the town solely to enable those visitors from larger towns and cities to experience what Ludlow has to offer.

Visit the town on any day of the week, with the possible exception of a Tuesday, and you will see a town that’s lifeblood is flowing vigorously throughout the bulk of the year.

This is not a town in need of an out-of-town supermarket giant whose aim, despite the developer’s claims of helping the local economy, is to suck the lifeblood out of Ludlow for its own financial gain.

It is a town in balance with its place in the countryside, in harmony with its people, visitors, residents, retailers and itself.

Ludlow Town Centre Residents Association polled its members and 85.9% of the membership want the status quo to be maintained.

It is for this, and all the reasons given above, that this association will be opposing this application vigorously and joining with other organisations in the town to fight this all the way.

The people of Ludlow love their town as it is and have worked very hard to achieve what we have. Are we really prepared to throw all this away for the benefit of the shareholders of a supermarket giant whose bottom line is their own gain?

I do not think so.



Ludlow Town Centre Residents Association