A SOUTH Shropshire village society and its local councillor have combined to put the brakes on speeding motorists in the area - and may have persuaded the authority to change its policy on limits set on speed warning lights county-wide.

All Stretton Village Society's committee had been trying since November last year to get the '30mph Slow Down' flashing sign on the B5477 to Church Stretton calibrated to work at the legal limit, and not let motorists through at up to 37mph before working, which some members reported had been experienced.

Last month they called on the services of Councillor Lee Chapman, their representative on Shropshire Council, who speedily got the highways and transport wheels turning - and a promise to get the village sign flashing the right message to motorists in a hurry.

Councillor Chapman told the villagers: "I met yesterday with council officers and Councillor Steve Davenport the cabinet member responsible for this issue. We had a long discussion about the role of these signs and speeding on our roads.

"I am however pleased to report that I have managed to convince Shropshire Council to recalibrate your sign on an experimental basis to assess the impact.

"This will be at the speed limit +2mph (i.e. 32mph) removing the extra 10% which is what the Department of Transport guidance contains.

"Councillor Davenport has agreed that the site will be used as a trial for potentially recalibrating others across the county."

Said All Stretton Village Society secretary Colin Osborne: "We are delighted that Councillor Chapman was able to get our sign calibrated to a common-sense level. Letting motorists through without a warning at up to 37mph not only gives then a false sense of security but also puts pedestrians - including children at the two schools on the route to Church Stretton - at a greater risk from passing traffic.

"I'm pleased that democracy is alive and well in All Stretton.".