A POLICE officer may have prevented a van from plummeting off a hill in Church Stretton after it got stuck on ice overhanging a steep drop.

PC Damon Preston went to help the stricken driver and his passenger after they made a 999 call shortly before midday on Saturday (Feb 11) saying they were stuck on Burway Road over the Longmynd and in danger of slipping over the edge into the valley below.

The officer managed to reach their Ford Transit by wedging his 4x4 police vehicle behind the van to prevent it sliding further.

“The man and his adult daughter were terrified,” said Sergeant Adrian Woolley.

“They could not drive forward or back due to the road being covered in ice and their van had slid dangerously close to the edge of the road with a huge drop immediately below.

“The daughter managed to get out of the passenger’s side, but the driver was unable to move for fear of going over the edge.

“He had to remain in the vehicle with the handbrake on and his foot firmly on the brake to prevent it sliding further.

“When PC Preston arrived he saw the van was sliding and used his four wheel drive to act as a barrier.

“It did slide into the police vehicle causing slight damage, but the man was eventually able to get out safely.

“This particular road can be particularly dangerous in winter.

“There may be no ice at the time in Church Stretton, but high up in the hills conditions can still be freezing.”