A PARCEL has been sent from Ludlow to the Prince of Wales.

The special package is winging its way from St Laurence’s Church, Ludlow to Highg rove in Gloucestershire, home of Prince Charles.

He is being sent a copy of one of the church’s famous carved misericords as well as the latest book on the history of the church, with fine photog raphs of St Laurence’s and its contents.

When the Prince visited Ludlow all 10 bells of St Laurence’s Church rang out to welcome him.

Prince Charles spent more than 30 minutes inside.

“He showed particular interest in our stained glass, which is recognised as among the finest in the country,” said Shaun Ward, who is leading the refurbishment project for the church.

“We also showed him our famous carved misericords.

He was fascinated by the pietà – a rare medieval carving showing the Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus – and turned back for a close look at it for a second time.’ In the church the Prince also met Bill Lloyd- Kitchen, who chairs the Conservation Trust for St Laurence. The trust has raised many thousands of pounds for repair and conservation work to the church.

Churchwarden Dr Ewart Carson told Prince Charles about St Laurence’s Vision Project, which aims to conserve the church, widen its use and develop new ways to share knowledge of its rich history.

“‘His Royal Highness asked questions about our plans, wished us luck with the project and asked to be kept in touch on its progress,” Dr Carson said.

Now the church is making sure that the Prince has a tangible reminder of his time at St Laurence’s.

“Prince Charles was obviously fascinated by our lovely church and all it contains,” added The rector of St Laurence, Colin Williams.

“It was a great honour for us that he spent so much time inside St Laurence’s.

We are delighted to be able to give him some tangible reminders of a very happy half hour spent here.”