RESIDENTS living in Ludlow Town Centre have a chance to raise issues of concern.

There will also be a chance to hear the thoughts of Ludlow Mayor Tim Gill about issues affecting the town.

Ludlow Town Centre Residents Association represents the people living in Ludlow in all matters that affect the people who live in the town including planning.

It began as an organization for Town Centre residents only but has expanded over the last few years to be more inclusive.

“We circulate the membership of around 200 with information about important events that are happening, submit member’s responses on important Town and Unitary council matters and questionnaires,” said Robin Pote of the Town Centre Residents Association and also a member of Ludlow Town Council.

This year’s Annual General Meeting of the Town Centre Residents Association is being held at the Broad Street Methodist hall at 7.30 on Tuesday, November 21.

Speakers will include Peter Corfield of the Ludlow Hospital League of Friends, Helen Hughes, Chief Executive of Ludlow Assembly Rooms and Tim Gill, Mayor of Ludlow.