A PLAN for the future of Ludlow is being prepared.

It is being led by Ludlow Town Council which says that it wants as many people as possible to take part.

The plan will help to prepare a blueprint for the town in the coming years and set out what are the key priorities.

It will also provide a steer for how the Town Council spends its money in the future and the organisations that are support.

Gina Wilding, Ludlow’s Town Clerk, has said that it is important that as many people as possible are involved in developing the plan.

The objective is to plot a course that will keep Ludlow growing and vibrant.

Members of the council have been out and about in the town talking to residents and traders and events have been held at the Rockspring Community Centre, Ludlow Market, Tesco and at Ludlow Youth Centre.

As part of the consultation people are being asked to answer three key questions: What do you like about Ludlow and how would you make it better? What makes you sad about Ludlow and how would you spend £1,000 on making it better? What makes you mad about Ludlow?

It is intended that the plan will look at issues that will affect the way that the town develops in the coming years.

This will include the way in which the town can help to meet the needs of an ageing population as Ludlow has a population with an average age that is well above the national average.

But the plan will also look to address issues that affect young people and families including the provision of GP and other health services as well as schools and education. The future of youth services, recreation and play areas is another area where the Town Council wants to understand what people consider to be priorities.

Housing is a major issue facing the town with the need to provide more affordable homes to enable young people and families to live in the town without spoiling the character of Ludlow as a rural market town and tourist attraction.

Tim Gill, Mayor of Ludlow, has said that in considering the future the needs of the whole town is important.

The Town Council would specifically like to hear from people who would like to get more involved in developing the plan.

When the initial findings will be analysed, a more detailed document for consultation that it is hoped will be ready for January 2018.