POLICE acted quickly when they suspected that cannabis was being grown in Tenbury town centre.

A contractor informed police that he suspected there was cannabis being grown in a property adjacent to where he was working on Teme St in Tenbury.

Officers attended and identified the suspect property.

An emergency search warrant was sworn out at Hereford Magistrates Court before officers gained entry to the unoccupied property that afternoon.

A large cannabis grow was found, which had taken over the whole address, with large numbers of plants filling three rooms.

Officers worked throughout the evening and early hours of the following morning to secure evidence.

The investigation continues in a bid to discover who is responsible.

"Police are grateful for information from members of the public in relation to all types of crime and in this case organised criminality has been significantly disrupted,” said PC Mark Broughton and Tenbury police.

“We want to work together with the community to tackle this and other suspicions and criminal activity. Please report on 101, or 999 if an emergency."