An exhibition of Mixed Media and Textile Art can currently be seen at Leominster Library.

The ten exhibitors are drawn from the group around Richard Bartholemew, well know locally for his mixed media art, and the textile artist group, The Five Makers.

The artists cover a broad canvas and include Jill Holliday's Memories of Tenby, which began as a still life with deliberately distorted images, using Tenby as a background as it presents 'still life' elements, with the rectangular pattern of its buildings. Jill finds that mixed media is right for her because it lends itself to prolonged development of ideas.

Meg Ellis's Winter Garden, already on show in Leominster Library's front window, celebrates the restoration of a lost Gertrude Jekyll garden in Surrey, while Trish Marsh's Tent3 is a colourful 3D response to the refugee crisis and will hang in the central stairwell.

The organisers are delighted that there will also be three h.Art exhibitors in Leominster itself from September 9-17, Jenny Crisp, the Lion Gallery and Bouvier Fine Arts.

The exhibition runs at Leominster Library until Saturday, September 16