VILLAGERS have criticised Herefordshire Council for ignoring their calls to resurface a country lane littered with pot holes.

Residents of Kinton in Leintwardine say that the council have completely forgotten about a country lane linking them with the A4113.

Tracey Thomas, local resident, says that she has been contacting Herefordshire Council for the last three years asking them to resurface the road which has become impassable.

"It has got to the stage where we can't use one end of the lane as you can't get a normal car down there," said Mrs Thomas.

"It has totally disintegrated and when we contacted Herefordshire Council they just fill the holes with tar."

Ward councillor Carole Gandy says that five other roads in the area are in a similarly 'poor condition'.

She has put each one forward to be considered for resurfacing but they were not listed as a priority.

"Residents in rural areas don't ask for very much from their council tax apart from the bins being collected and roads maintained," said Cllr Gandy.

"I fully understand why residents feel the way they do as many operate small businesses or bed-and-breakfasts. If people are visiting on holiday and have to drive up a road in that sort of condition they could be put off.

"There are no street lights and now the nights are drawing in it will become harder to see where the road surface has just gone and you can't see the hazards which could be concealed by water."

In response, a Herefordshire Council spokesperson said that the lane had previously been considered for resurfacing works, but its condition has meant that other roads around the county have taken priority in resurfacing programmes.

“Following the site meeting that took place this week, Herefordshire Council and its provider Balfour Beatty Living Places will re-evaluate the condition of the lane," said the spokesman.

"This re-evaluation may result in some resurfacing works being carried out to the lane, but this is subject to consideration of other resurfacing works required around the county and the budget available.

"Our assessment has the purpose of ensuring that we meet our obligations towards the entire county and the more than 2,000 miles of road for which we are responsible, within the resources that we have available."

“In the meantime, the condition of this lane will be improved if the drainage in and around the lane is clear."

Herefordshire Council and Balfour Beatty Living Places will work with landowners, enabling them to meet their duty to clear roadside ditches and maintain drainage systems that lead to Kinton Lane.