LUDLOW Town council has welcomed the decision of Shropshire planners to reject two planning applications.

Proposed developments in Poyner Close and Sidney Road were rejected.

Town Councillors Colin Sheward and Glenn Ginger made the case against the schemes on behalf of the Town Council.

“I wish to congratulate Councillors Glenn Ginger and Colin Sheward for making strong and effective representations to Shropshire Council ensuring that the Poyner Close and Sidney Road applications were turned down,” said Tim Gill, mayor of Ludlow.

Chair of representational committee Glenn Ginger and vice chair and deputy mayor Colin Sheward presented local concerns and objections for all three applications from Shropshire Housing Group.

The third application for the erection of four bungalows following demolition of 21 garages off Rock Lane, Ludlow was approved by Shropshire Council’s committee.

Gina Wilding, Ludlow’s town clerk, said that it is the job of authority’s representational committee to consider and make recommendations on planning applications.