LUDLOW will come to a standstill to mark the anniversary on the murder of Jo Cox MP.

The commemoration will be in Market Square and is being organised by the People 4 Ludlow and will take place on Sunday, June 18 as part of the Arts Festival.

It is part of a national day ‘The Great Get Together’ to celebrate Mrs Cox who was killed a week before the EU referendum in 2016.

People 4 Ludlow have also presented a programme to the new town council that calls for major changes in the way the authority works.

The changes range from moving town council meetings from The Guildhall which People 4 Ludlow say is not suitable and also to become more accessible and less formal.

It also calls for new ideas including considering news ways of generating funding.

David Burton, one of the founders of People 4 Ludlow that incorporates the Ludlow Campaign for Fairness, has presented the manifesto on behalf of the group.

“There will be significant challenges in what will be, invariably, an unprecedented period of change resulting from cutbacks and changing political attitudes to the role of local government,” said David Burton.

“It could also be a period of opportunity, taking Ludlow into the future as a cohesive, enjoyable and sustainable place to live, work and play.

“To achieve those aims will take vision, innovation and commitment – values, as well as risk, that should be borne by a shared community, not just shouldered by a few, be they politicians or the voluntary or private sector.”

The campaign group is highly critical of The Guildhall as a venue for meetings of Ludlow Town Council and its committees.

“This venue is unsuitable for public council meetings, the seating is inadequate, the public cannot see or hear the councillors and, while the chamber may be conducive to a 19th century courtroom, it is not suitable for a 21st century event.

“We would like to see informal meetings, perhaps bi-monthly, where the council can have a round-table debate and discussion on topical issues with the Ludlow community – and use the opportunity to bring the town up-to-date with Shropshire Council intentions.”

There is a call for less formality and more use of the internet with an improved website and town council reports and documents being posted online.

“The council must be prepared to take risks, encourage new ideas, and explore new ways of working,” added David Burton.

“Consider, for example, the word ‘council’ – it’s alienating, it absolves the community of responsibility, it’s not inclusive – there is nothing preventing a council referring to itself by any other name.

“Regarding finance - explore crowdfunding, encourage legacies, donations and bequests, and create alliances in preparation for funding shortfalls and to ensure the future resilience of the town.

“Partnership approaches will be vital and the ancient artificial boundary between the town and surrounding parishes needs to be breached – remember, we are all in this together – it’s our town, whether we reside within the walls or not.”

People 4 Ludlow also wants the town council to make use of skills of people in Ludlow by co-opting non-councillors on to committees and working groups.