THE outgoing Mayor of Ludlow Paul Draper has been treated to afternoon tea.

Paul Draper has stepped down after three years as mayor and retired from the town council.

Staff at Ludlow Town Council invited the Mayor Cllr Paul Draper and Lesley Draper to tea at the Guildhall.

Homemade cakes were baked and all staff contributed their favourite informal photographs of civic events from the past three years.

The photographs were turned into book to remind Paul and Lesley Draper of the fun and good humour that underpin civic events.

Staff thanked Paul Draper for his support and understanding; and for being a great mayor and ambassador for Ludlow and the town council. They thanked Lesley Draper for her support in making it all possible.

“Staff understand that councillors, like Paul Draper who also runs a businesses in Ludlow, work exceptionally hard, and being mayor brings a very heavy workload that Paul has carried with dignity for three years,” said Gina Wilding, Ludlow’s town clerk.

Praise also came from Tim Gill who will be the new mayor.

‘I would like to thank the former mayor for his excellent work over the last three years in representing the town and restoring the reputation of the town council,” said Tim Gill.

“Whilst we shall miss his contributions to council work, I am sure Lesley and his family will be pleased to be seeing more of him.

“We are all proud to be part of the town council and delighted that Paul and Lesley have been invited to the Queen's summer garden party in June, which will be a fitting conclusion to Paul’s time as Mayor of Ludlow.”