PLANS are to be developed to extend the range of sporting activities promoted to people in Tenbury and the surrounding area.

Tenbury Town Council and Freedom Leisure who run the swimming pool are to work more closely together to help encourage more people in the area of get involved in activities that encourage health and wellbeing.

Adele Hodges from Freedom Leisure told a meeting of the town council that there are many opportunities that can come from working together.

She said that, while there is the swimming pool and gym, if Freedom Leisure had access to some of the other sporting facilities in the town it could do more to encourage people to get involved.

The idea has the backing of Mark Willis, Mayor of Tenbury, who believes that the town council should be willing to make some of its facilities like the tennis courts, bowling greens and playing fields available.

Adele Hodges said that one of the new activities planned for this year will be the introduction of ‘walking football'.

This is a way of enabling older people to play football when they have passed their physical prime. Players are not allowed to run and the ball is not allowed to go above head height.

Another idea would be to use the tennis courts to play basketball part of the time. There are also plans to start badminton sessions.

“I think that we should be as supportive as we can and consider in some circumstances offer facilities to Freedom Leisure free of charge,” said Mark Willis.