THE new Mayor of Ludlow will be Tim Gill.

He has been elected by town councillors to take over from Paul Draper who has retired from the authority after serving three years as mayor.

Tim Gill who was elected to the Whitcliffe ward in the one of just two contests for places on the town council has been one of the most outspoken members.

He has been critical about policing in the town and has highlighted problems with crime and anti-social behaviour.

Tim Gill was also highly critical of the decision of the Friends of Whitcliffe Common and the Shropshire Wildlife Trust to cut down a healthy oak tree to preserve a view over the town.

He described the measure as an act of ‘environmental vandalism'.

The new mayor has also expressed his concerns about a campaign to get a universal 20mph speed limit throughout Ludlow.

He said that speed limits are already largely ignored and that the police would not have the resources to enforce such a limit.

Tim Gill has also made clear his doubts about any idea that the town council might take over the running of services from Shropshire Council.

Speaking a year ago, he said that the idea that people in the town could pay more for services either through the precept or by paying at the point of use is unrealistic.

“This is not a rich town and take away the central area and there is a lot of poverty,” he said, adding that people found it hard enough to make ends meet, let alone ask them to pay more.

Tim Gill will be formally installed as Mayor of Ludlow at the annual mayor-making ceremony at Ludlow Assembly Rooms on Wednesday, May 24.

Colin Sheward will continue for a second year as deputy mayor.