THE Tuffin's Mid Counties Co-op store in Knighton marked Fairtrade Fortnight by inviting all the children from Knighton Primary School to the store.

The children came to the store in groups and Samantha Bowen, team manager (Services) told the children about Fairtrade goods and how the producers got a fair price for them, she also showed them the Fairtrade logo.

After having a look at the display of Fairtrade products the store sells, Sam sent the children around the store in smaller groups to find four Fairtrade items including coffee, tea and chocolate.

At the end of the visit each child was given a piece of fruit as part of the Fairtrade Free Fruit Friday scheme.

During the two Fridays in the fortnight any children dressed in school uniform were given a free apple or banana on their way to or from school.

Sam said "It was a pleasure to see all the children in the store and I hope to meet them all again soon".